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Take CTRL Over Technology Jan 02, 2015

My strategy to overcome being a tool of my tools!

All of this and more in my pocket!
1991 Radio Shack ad

2015 is a » palindrome « in binary: 11111011111

If I had a hi-fi… I did, did I? In words, drown I... // The biggest distraction from writing this blog.

2014 was the best year of my life. Much thanks to my new year's resolution to avoid propaganda
News media is nothing else than a Man-in-the-middle attack on everything common sense. Enough said.

This year my resolution is going further. Time to evaluate all things TECHNOLOGY and regain:


Take CTRL Over Technology


Used in the right way (BUSINESS), Social Media is the best thing since the marketplace.

Nothing can replace e-mail. // Google Wave was great...

Command line communication...

2015 Guidelines:

  1. No smartphone (notifications) in the bedroom.
  2. Never reply more than 1-2 times on on an unsolved e-mail subject. Pick up the phone or Skype!
  3. Text only what you DARE to also say!

Troubleshooting Human Communications Cheat Sheet


Internet is like the ocean, data packets are floating everywhere. However fundamental  security  safety awareness is what make us install locks on our doors. To open an unknown file is the same as open the door for a stranger in the middle of the night. To not set a password is to never lock the door.


2015 Guidelines:

  1. Promote Security Awareness: 2nd Level Authentication & Private Mode Browser Login.
  2. Promote Transparency Awareness: PRIVACY = TRANSPARENCY
  3. I have something to hide! It's written down on paper or stored offline.



2015 Guidelines:

  1. Mute smartphone or Press REJECT PHONE CALL when in meeting with another Human Being!
  2. LISTEN, TALK AND LAUGH as a Human Being - Without constant verification of facts and errors! // Or you'll be replaced by SIRI
  3. Never use internet chat abbreviations (LOL,ASAP...) in spoken language.



2015 Guidelines:

  1. Always prioritize Family & Friends over Technology.
  2. Realize how much good life has to be wasted in order to win a game.
  3. For me Sunday is a day of rest from Technology. // Books are okey.

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