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Respect: Give it to get it Feb 10, 2015

When to walk away is your best option.


I just walked away from a client.

I'm writing this as a heads up for future clients!

"I think you would be best to build the entire website and send it over for approval. We are just super busy and really don't have time to look at a website. I don't think [boss] is super fired up on it anyway because I think he is looking at it as a glorified drop box that we have already. Do you have the main website built that is going to replace the existing website?"

I was asked to re-design a website and implement filesharing for a promising construction company. The filesharing had to be "SUPER SIMPLE" Uploading files to the website had to be "fast, smooth and a seemless integration".

Some time later I presented MODX® Revolution CMS with a responsive design (mobile friendly) and explained my services and programming abillities. It just happened I was setting up Dropbox® as a Mediamanager in MODX for another project in the same time period.

I   realized   thought that this was exactly what they asked for. Drag and drop files in a folder to publish on the website = "fast, smooth and a seemless integration".

When selling it there were concerns over some users not wanting dropbox accounts. I tried to explain how the files could be uploaded outside of Dropbox and being listed on the website using MODX. However...

I got approval to move forward with it!

After weeks of programming and bugging Nikolay Lanets I had it working.

Because of extra security implementations I use, It was hard to list the files public. But I finally found a way! (If you are a MODX developer contact me for the code!)

When trying to get back to showcase for approval, nobody wanted to see it, or me for that matter, appointed meetings had me standing outside an empty office.

I once had a bad romance. I learned the best thing was to walk away. Hasta la vista.

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